Recent Additions to the Park

In the summer of 2011, Zurakowski Park saw the addition of a 1/5 scaled down version of the Spitfire the same plane that Janusz flew during the Battle of Britain. This plane was built with loving care by Morris Towns from Madawaska, and took more that 1,500 hours of labour to complete. The plane is not constructed to withstand our northern Canadian winters, so it is put in storage for the cold months. When erected on its pole at the Park, it moves on ball bearings like a wind sock!! Morris was also instrumental in the building of the CF105 Avro Arrow that is presently at the Park.

The gazebo built in 2010 made the park more than just a celebration of the achievements of Janusz Zurakowski. It is now a community gathering place where people can hear music, watch films or simply seek some relaxing shelter from the sun or rain.

The Park is open to all community events; anything involving the community.