Welcome to the Pictures section of the Zurakowski Park & Museum Webpage. A simple portfolio highlights the progress and completion of the park and Arrow replica.

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Jackie Dorman-Recoskie modifies sign to read HOME OF ZURAKOWSKI PARK.
Gerard Trader and his son, Peter, have been working hard to get the Avro Arrow model ready in time for the unveiling on Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 1:00 pm. The completed model is 22 feet long, 12'10" wide and has absorbed about 2,300 hours of labor. The model for the design was done by Morris Towns who, along with Ron Coulas, has also wo rked on the project.
Ron Coulas works on final fibre glassing of the plane.
The initial stages of the Avro Arrow base.
The Arrow is inverted and ready for final sanding.
John Hildebrandt Jr. inspects the Arrow base with a keen engineer's eye.
Jackie Dorman-Recoskie begins painting the roundel.
Ron Wade inspects the application of the RL201 decal.
Greg Ryan and Josh Luloff lay the runway blocks.
The base is at the site awaiting the arrival of the mighty Avro Arrow.
John Hildebrandt Jr., Bob Corrigan and Dave Leslie set up the posts for the billboard.

The statue of Janusz awaits unveiling at Saturday's 1:00 Park Opening.

Greg Ryan and the Luloff boys complete the landscaping.
James Trader recreates the famous 1957 boy and plane roll out picture as his father's model appears.
The Arrow arrives at the site on Mark Zurakowski's truck with the base in the foreground.
George Zurakowski films as his brother Mark supervises the mounting of the Arrow.
The beautiful bird is mounted.
The stunning Arrow silhouette against the Madawaska Valley sky